Leave-in Contact Lenses

Leave-in (extended wear) contact lenses are designed to be worn continuously, (usually for up to thirty days and nights) and then replaced.

Extended Wear

Leave-in contact lenses are a very convenient option since they don’t need to be put in or taken out daily, and generally don’t need cleaning. They offer good vision without glasses around the clock and almost eliminate the need for contact lens solution. They are available in a wide range of prescriptions, including multifocals. It’s important to be aware that wearing lenses overnight comes with a higher riskof serious eye infection than wearing your lenses only during the day does, so you need to discuss the pros and cons fully with your contact lens practitioner. If you’re wearing this kind of lens it’s particularly important to have regular checkups and to take immediate action if you have a red or sore eye. Refer to our “safe contact lens” page for more information.